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just beautiful.

(although of course 'Saturday Sun' remains mine and Rebeccas song as we had that played at our wedding. Surely you could have used something else, maybe Robbie Williams' 'Let me entertain you'?)

you are a very good documentary editor/maker by the way.



Mike it looks great! I love the Super8 shots, makes everyone look amazing (not that everyone didn't look amazing anyway!)

It was such a great day, so many thanks for you, Jerry and Cath for bringing it all back to life!

So HOW"S MARRIED LIFE TOM AND JENNY??? I hope it is all and more than you had hoped for!

- Mike I love the Afghan photo story also, some great photos there


Mr P

You have done us proud. Looks amazing.

Married life is bliss, although I have had to learn to iron!

Dom I'll see you in a couple of weeks.

Sophie C

Great memories! Looking forward to seeing the photos..........


spiffing stuff !!!!
Didn't realise quite how posh it all was - cept in hindsight (technicolour). What an amazing day - and great to have something like this to remind us (can't wait to see the feature length version>)

OH and where's the footage of the ladies' hat burning, Mike ? great little film, Mike/ Cath - but thank god you're not so ruthless you were prepared to stand by and film a lady with her head on fire!!!


ah, a year and a bit later and it's rather nice watching Tom's wedding again. Funny that, even though I wasn't there.

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